lørdag den 13. juni 2009

Pressure Points

pressure points is lethal spots on the body that when manipulatet in the right manner can produce extreme pain or even knock people out without the use of brutal strength.

Types Of Pressure Points
there are diffrent types of pressure points on the body, and each one of them will have diffrent effects when manipulated. some of them will produce pain and some of them can even cause a knockout or death.

Pressure Point Techniques

Pressure Point Locations
here is a drawing of some of the diffrent pressure points located on the body

tirsdag den 9. juni 2009

Stab Proof Vests

If you want to be 100% sure to survive a knife attack you may consider buying an stab proof vest.

this is an actual demonstration of a Stab Proof Vest

How To Defend Yourself Aginst A Knife Attack

The Best Way to Defend aginst a knife attack is of course to get away as fast as possible but if thats not an option you are going to need to know how to defend yourself. here you will find video tutorials on how you can defend yourself aginst a knife.

Okay so this is the first video about basic knife defense, the video is going to teach you some of the basic things that you will need to be aware off when facing someone with a knife.

This video is Going to show how to defend yourself from a low knife attack.

an instructional video that is Going to teach you how you can defend yourself from a High knife attack.

an instructional Video that teaches you how to defend aginst the forward knife thrust which is one of the most common knife attacks.

Another great thing that you can do when someone attacks you with a knife is to use a simple front kick to the groin or solar plexus, i dident include a video to this technique because it is so simple that it can easily be explained without. Here is an Example of a Front Kick to solar plexus